Spectacular Match, Albania Prevails on Turkey with 10 Players
Albanian Daily News
Published November 14, 2017
Albania achieved an extraordinary victory in Antalya's friendly match against Turkey, defeating the adversary with 3-2 score despite being forced to play with 10 players since the 41st minute of the first half. As promised earlier by coach Christian Panucci the Albanian team played an attacking game and managed to find the net after two failed attempts from the Turkish team. The first goal was scored by Armando Sadiku. The Elbasan born striker exploited an assist given by Odise Roshi shooting straight toward Turkey's gate and managed to defeat the adversary's goalkeeper at 24th minute.

Roshi-Sadiku duo proved to be decisive even after 15 minutes when another assist given by Roshi was transformed into goal by Sadiku through a headshot.

The only negative moment during the first half was the expulsion of Memushaj with a red card.

The Turkish team played more vigorously during the 2nd half narrowing the distance with Under at 47th minute but Albanian team resisted and scored again with Grezda at 56th minute from a nearly impossible angle. The adversaries narrowed one more time the distances with Akbaba but failed to score the third goal due to a powerful defense organized by Panucci's boys.

The newly arrivals Qaka and Ajdarevic performance in the field was highly positive, proving that they may become valuable elements of Panucci's group in the future.

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