Panucci Compares Albanian National Team to a Family
Albanian Daily News
Published November 13, 2017
The Italian coach Christian Panucci compared the Albanian National Team with a family while referring to the decision to let go some players that had been gathered earlier due to various injuries.
"We must act as professionals, but on the other side let's not forget that the National Team should also show some comprehension toward the players because we are a family. The injured players should present a magnetic resonance or an echo to the team's medical staff upon their arrival. Then it's up to the team's doctor to assess if they are ready to enter the field. In my judgment the Albanian Football Federation (AFFF) way of doing was highly professional," said Panucci, while explaining the departure of some players ahead of a friendly match with Turkey.
Likewise, speaking about goalkeeper Thomas Strakosha departure in the last minute he said that the decision was taken due to some physical problems. He also justified the decision to gather Naser Aliji despite the fact that he is currently not part of any team by saying that he was also a member of this big family.
Panucci also said that the team is experiencing a good moment thus odds for a positive result in this friendly match with Turkey are relatively high. He talked about the preparatory phase and the techniques experimented during the training sessions.
"These have been intense days for the team. We have been working hard and I am very pleased by what the boys have shown during the training sessions knowing that this is a busy time with their clubs," said Panucci.

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