Albania Lags Behind in Food Exports
Albanian Daily News
Published October 17, 2017
The European Union imported from Albania food at the value of 181 million euros during 2016, according to Eurostat's latest data on trade with partner countries focusing on the food sector, including processed foods, vegetables and fruits, meat, fish, cereals, etc.

Food, livestock and fish are the main products that EU countries import from Albania.

When it comes to fish and other sea products, Albania is the first in the region, with 51 million euros per year. Compared to other countries in the region, which together with Albania form what is known as the Six Western Balkans Countries, Albania holds the fourth spot in the list as a trading partner, trailing only Kosovo and Montenegro.

When it comes to products that Albania has imported from the 28 European Union countries along the same period, the country holds the 4th spot in the list, trailing both Kosovo and Montenegro.

In total, Albania's imports from EU countries amount to 457 million euros per year, with a constant increase compared to the previous year.

Even in terms of imports, Albania is the first in the region for fish products, importing 37 million euros a year.

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