Minorities Draft, Haxhinasto: Bipartisan Approach Needed
Albanian Daily News
Published October 13, 2017
The Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) MP, Edmond Haxhinasto emphasizes the necessity of a bipartisan approach on the minorities draft. Referring to this draft during a speech in parliament on Friday he said that step would indicate the state’s maturity and seriousness on this issue.

“Through this draft we have also made an important choice between two ways to address the rights of minorities, the choice between respect for individual rights (adopted by countries such as France) and collective rights, ranking among states that respect the collective rights of minorities. I believe that this draft, which has undergone a long preparatory process, is submitted to the parliament not only as a European obligation or as one of the 5 key priorities of the Human Rights but first of all as a the historical and current willingness of Albanians to respect the others neighbors, friends and even minorities with tolerance.

The minority’s rights issue is a matter of peace, security and stability and development, so any contribution to the respect of minorities is a contribution to peace and development, an important attribute of the Republic of Albania, which we will unconditionally support.

The main purpose of this law is to ensure effective protection of national minorities and the rights of persons belonging to these minorities. This protection is intended to be ensured within the rule of law, respecting the Albania’s territorial integrity and national sovereignty,” declared Haxhinasto.

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