Parliamentary Debate on Crime, Basha Warned New Denunciations
Albanian Daily News
Published October 13, 2017
The Democrat leader, Lulzim Basha accused the Prime Minister Edi Rama of strong ties with the organized crime. During his speech in parliament on Friday Basha reminded to PM Rama the US Ambassador Donald Lu declaration for the crime in Albania while adding that internationals are closely monitoring the Albanian PM.

“Crime and drugs have turned into country’s adrenaline due to the Premier’s strong ties with the organized crime. Albania produces and consumes drugs. The crime’s money are penetrating everywhere, the tourism sector is being capture by crime. Shocking data are expected to be made public next week by our international partners.

The US Ambassador Lu denounced a few days ago the country’s dominance by 4 criminal clans and 20 criminal families. My only remark to the US diplomat is that he made this declaration after the parliamentary elections in Albania. Anyhow, PM Rama is not seen as the solution but the origin of this problem. He is from now on under constant monitoring by the internationals,” declared Basha.

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