President Meta Meets Kosovo Parliamentary Parties
Albanian Daily News
Published October 13, 2017
During the 2nd day of the state visit, President of the Republic Ilir Meta held a series of meetings with the leaders of the parliamentary parties in Kosovo. The Albanian Head of State met with leader of "Self-Determination Movement" Visar Ymeri, the chairman of the Democratic League of Kosovo (DLK), Isa Mustafa and with the Serbian List Representative, Slavko Simic.

He emphasized the importance of cooperation and constructive dialogue of all political forces for the future and the European integration perspective of Kosovo.

During a meeting with "Self-Determination" President Meta congratulated chairman Ymeri for the outcome of the recent elections while stressing the extraordinary importance of the opposition's role in democracy as promoter of responsible and qualitative governance while unfolding a better alternative for the future.

Likewise president Meta expressed the deepest appreciation for the great and irreplaceable contribution of DLK for Kosovo's independence and the consolidation of democracy in a meeting with chairman Mustafa.

Meantime President Meta expressed high consideration for the constructive role of the Serbian List in the consolidation of Kosovo institutions and the spirit of coexistence among communities in Kosovo in the meeting with the list's leader Simic.

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