Parliament, SMI - SP Replies on Minorities Draft
Albanian Daily News
Published October 13, 2017
A draft law on the minorities in Albania generates harsh debates between Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) and Socialist Party (SP) in Parliament this Friday.
SMI parliamentary group chair, Petrit Vasili requested to postpone the voting process considering the law as indicator of government's ignorance.

"The draft for minorities' protection is a clear violation of the Constitution and International Conventions. This draft lacks the coherency and contemporaneous standards. It is a direct provocation to the Albanian citizens through the creation of artificial minorities. We must reconsider this draft even through a public debate in order to achieve the requested standards," said Vasili.

In a prompt reaction the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati reminded to Vasili that his political force supported this draft while part of the government, adding that 4-former-ministers of SMI had also signed it.

"My esteemed colleague was in favor of this draft while sitting in the Minister of Justice chair as part of the government. On the other side it's more than normal that when sitting on the opposite side of the table your opinion on something changes," declared Bushati, adding that the presented draft is in conformity with the Constitution.

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