National Geographic: Bunkers, Painful Reminder of Albania's Past
Albanian Daily News
Published October 11, 2017
“National Geographic” dedicates an article to Albania focusing in on the bunkers constructed during the country’s communist era. The prestigious magazine informs the readers that the former-communist ruler Enver Hoxha constructed thousands of bunkers throughout the country, adding that some of them remain a painful reminder of the past.

“The exact number of bunkers spread all over Albania remains subject of debate. This figure varies from around 175.000 up to 750.000. These bunkers, composed by cement and steel, were meant to defend this country situated in the Balkan’s Peninsula of South Eastern Europe. Today, three decades after Hoxha’s death, the Albanians see these bunkers as a painful reminder of a difficult past,” writes the renowned magazine.

Through a series of special pictures National Geographic illustrates the way in which Albanians have become creative by using the bunkers for different purposes.

“The Albanians, skilled by nature, are transforming the scenery revitalizing these objects as restaurants, bars, coffee-shops and even museums,” writes National Geographic.

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