Gjiknuri Urges to Fuel Traders to Change Advertising Boards
Albanian Daily News
Published October 10, 2017
The Minister of Infrastructure and Energetic Damian Gjiknuri urges to the fuel traders in Albania to change the prices advertising boards. During a meeting with their representatives on Tuesday he called for a quick solution of the problem in the gas stations situated near the national axes.

“The nation-wide action for the cleansing of the national axes from any kind of advertising board is already underway. Even the large prices advertising boards in the gas stations along those axes often become source of accident due to the drivers’ confusion. That’s why you should lose no more time in finding a new form to advertise your prices,” said Gjiknuri.

Pairs agreed to set-up a work group that will define the new price advertising boards’ standards.

“The new format should become a standard for all fuel traders in order to avoid unfair competition. A several days time will be given to you in order to find the best solution for this issue. After that we will react with the force of the law,” declared the minister, addressing to the fuel traders.

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