'You're Unique, Albanians Religion Is Albanianism'
Albanian Daily News
Published October 9, 2017
The renowned Italian goalkeeper, Gianluigi Buffon remains a champion in the field and a real gentleman in the respect shown toward the adversaries. He stunned the journalists with the knowledge about Albania during a first pronunciation at the eve of the match with the Albania’s National Team.

“I know something about the Albania’s history. I have studied it and I find it really beautiful. Those people have their identity and proudness. The expressio that strucked me the most while reading about this country was ‘Albanians Religion is Albanianism’. It makes you understand the strong unity that exists beyond any kind of differences, even the religious ones,” declared the ‘Juventus’ goalkeeper.

He also recalled the first visit to Albania while refering to the positive changes during these last years.

“I have been in Albania nearly 23 years ago when playing with Parma. We played against Teuta. Many years have gone by and it seems to me that Albania is evolving becoming a beautiful country with optimistic people. This fact feels me with joy, because after all our two countries fates have been intertwined during the history,” said the Italian goalkeeper.

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