600 Subjects Change Tax Liability, 100 Get Closed
Albanian Daily News
Published October 9, 2017
The Tax Administration continues to work on the ground in the framework of the anti-informal operation that is aimed at ensuring law enforcement and cooperation with taxpayers and citizens in the common battle against evasion and informality.
According to data published by the Tax Administration so far more than 13,700 subjects have been contacted, they have organized more than 1,500 consulting visits and 7,700 face-to-face meetings.
Tax Administration has conducted 2,280 office audits, out of which 600 entities have changed tax liability. 3,023 subjects were searched in the territory of which 650 subjects were found several violations.
During the controls in the territory, about 100 entities were penalized by closing the activity mainly for unregistered businesses or for non-issuance of coupons.
The General Directorate of Taxation, meanwhile, encourages every honest entrepreneur as well as citizens to denounce cases of lawlessness wherever they encounter them.
However, it must be said that businesses have complained about the way the operation is being carried out and the quality of inspector's performance during these checks. Some business associations have requested the operation to last as short as possible since it is creating confusion and costs to them while there are others who say that tax inspectors are not professional. Other businesses say that the fight against informality should be ongoing and not only in some periods of time or operations.
On its part, the tax administration has admitted the fact that the anti-informality operation launched by this administration, does have room for improvement. Although it doesn't withdraw from this operation, this administration says that there may be changes during the application of the measures. "The operation has just started and this is the first phase and it will last 3 months. Then, this action will be more moderate. We admit that there is room for improvement. The action plan against informality has been perceived to be cautious, in particular in this first phase of the operation," said Enkelejda Pipa, senior official at the Taxation Department.

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