Ahmetaj Announces Deregulation Reform
Albanian Daily News
Published October 6, 2017
Following PM Edi Rama's declaration to ease the services for citizens and entrepreneurship, Minister of Finance and Economy Arben Ahmetaj issued the order for streamlining the paperwork necessary for services provided to business and citizens by the Ministry of Finance and Economy and its subordinate institutions.
This order details the list of paperwork that institutions under the Ministry of Finance and Economy from now on will not demand from the citizens and entrepreneurship any more, but will obtain them through the e-Albania platform, inter-institutional communication and action.
The above paperwork include registration certificate at the National Business Centre, including NIPT / NUIS; historical extract of the company; certificate for possession of vehicles; certificate for social and health insurance for tax payers E-SIG02a; proof of income earned in the last three years for purpose of competitive bidding; certificate for unregistered individuals; Form E-SIG03a, certificate for social and health insurance for individuals; proof of tax liability; proof of liabilities' payment; proof of taxpayer status; Certificate for registration of investor with Regional Directorate; criminal record and proof of court status; All types of certificates that are issued by the civil status system.
Ministry of Finance and Economy announces that a large chunk of these documents are certificates issued by General Tax Directorate, which in 2016 solely were issued over 275,702 times.
Generation of these certificates through e-Albania platform saves the citizens and businesses over 91,912 hours per year or almost 11,400 work days, according to the Ministry of Finance and Economy. Likewise, according to MoFE, there are over 152,237 extracts issued by NBC in a year, which have taken nearly 71,000 hours of work, eliminated today through online delivery.
The Ministry of Finance and Economy adds that deregulation process is well underway across the range of services provided by subordinate institutions, aiming to drastically reduce the documents required by citizens and entrepreneurship and moving on to a new level of modernization and digitalization.

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