On Dacic, Kosovo and Catalonia
By Alqi Koçiko*
Albanian Daily News
Published October 4, 2017
After carrying out several bloody wars with Portugal, France, Morocco, which finally ended with a difficult peace thanks to the intervention of international community, Spain turned its eyes to the Catalan ethnic population within the country. The poorest region in the land was dubbed by Spanish propaganda and its dictator (choose any name you like) as the cradle of the Spanish nation, but in the meantime, the autochthonous local population was the most backward and poorly educated in the country. Decades of immigration waves have been combined with police repression and the time had come for the groups seeking independence to be crushed. It was a programmed move that would serve for the restoration of Madrid dictator's authority, somewhat shaken by the defeats in the recent wars, and also as a distraction from an economy ruined by precisely by them. Arrests, torture, murders, and executions began, pockets of resistance stood to the last man, while more than half of the civilian population was deported, terrified, toward the French border, leaving many dead relatives in the freezing passes of the Pyrenees. This modern ethnic cleansing finally moved the till now indifferent international community, whose first mistake had happened not long ago when it stood by and watched the extermination of a whole Portuguese city. The bombing of Madrid was decided...

It is clear that the above scenario is made up, but just change the locations and the countries' names and it is easy to understand that it is about Kosovo and Serbia. The case of Catalonia is totally, absolutely different from Kosovo and the tragedy of its Albanian population. But Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic sees no difference, as he stated yesterday. He even claims the international community should apologize for the bombing of Serbia due to Kosovo. The US, the EU and NATO should not have committed this injustice; after all, within few months all Kosovo Albanians would have been killed, or expelled in Albania and elsewhere, and everything would have been fine...

*Albanian Daily News

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