Basha's Oppositionist Action, Fake - Says Patozi
Albanian Daily News
Published September 21, 2017
The former-Democrat MP, Astrit Patozi defined as fake the vigorous oppositionist action for the electoral reform undertaken by Democrat leader, Lulzim Basha. Through a public statement on Thursday he claimed that Basha aims to distract the attention from the dramatic situation currently experienced by DP due to his actions.

“Don’t think that Basha knows what he is looking for when declaring that the battle for electoral reform has started. Those who are tricked by this ‘vigorous’ political action are either are naive or have never known the “winner” of July 22 elections within DP. His only concern in this moment is to distract the attention from the DP dramatic situation for which he is the only one to be blamed. He just pretends of doing something in the interest of DP and the citizens.

So do not expect any conclusion or learn any electoral reform project drafted by the DP chair because it does not exist. His latest meeting with the DP allies only formalized the fact that the main opposition parliamentary group now counts 4 members less. Because Sepse Mediu, Shehi, Ndoka and Dule from now on are just formally Lulzim Basha’s partners but are no longer part of his MPs list,” said Patozi

In conclusion he said that if one day Basha would be asked or be given the opportunity to decide on the new Electoral Code he would do everything his possibilities to eliminate the Albanian politics bipolarity and the small parties.

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