'Fiscal Policies Essential Improvement Needed'
Albanian Daily News
Published September 17, 2017
Fiscal policies in Albania should become subject to an essential improvement. This appeal was launched on Sunday Confindustria’s administrator, Gjergj Buxhuku through a public statement.

“The easing of fiscal policies and, in particular, the reduction of dividend and profit tax for technology companies to 6% and the reduction of income tax for certain categories of individuals at the level of 18 % was envisaged in the government’s program presentation. Confindustria estimates that the above mentioned measures will not have any tangible positive impact if they do not associate with substantial improvement of all fiscal policies,” declared Buxhuku.

According to Buxhuku the implementation of dividend tax reduction from 15% to 6% without exception to all business categories may have negative consequences for the national economy and the state budget.
“The only beneficiaries will be monopolies and oligopoles privileged with licenses, state concessions, operating in closed market sectors in absence of competition that circulate the main amount of financial flows in the local economy,” stated Buxhuku.

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