'Die as a Country Dies' in National Theater
Albanian Daily News
Published September 14, 2017
'Die as a Country Dies', directed by Rozi Kostani, ‘raises the new season’s curtains in the National Theater. This play, written by the renowned Greek author Dimitris Dimitradis has been translated by Eleana Zhako.

The known actor Alfred Trebicka and the director Rozi Kostani will be the protagonists of this play. This is their 2nd performance together because earlier they played in ‘They enter without knocking’ play, directed by Armando Bora.

‘Die as a Country Dies’ is a literary psycho-analysis of a country that is gradually decomposing. The play’s subject moves around the narration of a real-imaginary woman that is horrified when seeing her body taking the shape of her rotten country losing every vital fluid. The events in this play go on in unspecified times and places. That’s why the artists chose to transform the stage into an Albanian parabola of a country where the long communist curfew and the 1997’s events are not just part of a black and white movie but are still looking for an author to come out in the masques theater stage.

‘Die as a Country Dies’ premiere will be on September 21.

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