Hundreds of Inspections to Fight Unlawfulness
Albanian Daily News
Published September 12, 2017
The State Police structures and several inspectorates continue work on preventing, detecting and hitting environmental crimes and illegal gambling activities.
Specifically, a state police media announcement informed Monday that 680 cases involving 744 perpetrators have been identified for illegal constructions, according to which 40 perpetrators have been arrested and detained, 36 are declared wanted, 668 were prosecuted.
Regarding the operating again electricity stealing, 38,123 joint inspections were carried out by Power Distribution Operator (OSHEE) and state police.
"There are 214 cases with 222 perpetrators, 12 arrested in flagrante, 10 perpetrators are being searched, 200 perpetrators are being prosecuted," according to the press statement.
State Police also provided information on the cutting of forests, where it is said that there are registered about 52 cases with 64 perpetrators, 10 arrested in flagrante, 51 perpetrators are prosecuted, 3 declared in search.
For the destruction of the forests with fire, State Police announced that around 62 deliberate and negligent cases have been evidenced.
"There are about 62 deliberate and negligent cases. 85 cases were accidental. So far, there are 18 detained and arrested, 42 offenders are prosecuted, 4 offenders have been declared wanted," police said.
For illegal hunting, so far, three cases have been reported with 3 offenders who are being prosecuted without any custody measures.
In the end, there are 49 cases with 49 offenders, of which 3 have been arrested and 46 are being prosecuted. Police controls for the detection of illegal activities were conducted from 1 July to 9 September.

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