Tirana, Big Ring-Road Opens to Traffic
Albanian Daily News
Published September 9, 2017
Tiranaís big ring-road, one of the capitalís most strategic projects, was finalized on Saturday. Mayor Erion Veliaj, accompanied by Socialist MP, Pandeli Majko, symbolically removed the barriers opening the way for the traffic in this very important segment, which will facilitate the vehicles circulation.

Veliaj defined the roadís opening as another kept promise of the government and the City Hall for the opening of this important segment ahead of the scholar year. He also declared that even bigger projects are in store for Tirana during the Socialists second governing mandate.

ďMuch more will be done in Tirana thanks to the excellent cooperation with the government. We have to admit that a large part of the delays and bureaucracies derives from the problems we experience with expropriations, courts, legalization and recognition of the property. The ĎRama 2í government is committed to definitively resolve these problems,Ē said Veliaj.

The Mayor also stressed that the new big-ring road should not be seen as an race truck but those willing to drive at high speed.

ďThe State Police and the Municipal Police will continuously monitor this road in order to guarantee that it serve to the purpose for which it was constructed and not the other goals,Ē declared the Mayor.

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