Social Networks, Albania Ranks 22nd in Europe for Facebook Usage
Albanian Daily News
Published August 19, 2017
Albania ranks among the European countries with the highest number of Facebook users. This data made public by the Internetworldstat show that the number of Facebook users in Albania goes up to 1.4 million, a figure equivalent to nearly 50% of the country's population.

Albania ranks at 22nd place on European level for the use of this social network is concerned, in relation to the population, while the countries with the highest level of Facebook usage are Monaco, Iceland, Malta, Gibraltar, United Kingdom as well as Nordic countries Denmark. Norway, Sweden etc, where the percentage of Facebook users ranges from 60% to 75%.

Meanwhile, if the Facebook user's index is compared to the number of internet users this indicator is around 78% in Albania, thus the country climbs at the 12th place in Europe.

It is quite different with Kosovo, though with a much higher internet penetration than Albania, about 80%, Facebook users are only 30% of the population.

The country with the lowest use in Europe is Russia, where only 7.5 of the population has a Facebook account.

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