Netherlands Requires Restoration of Visa Regime with Albania
Albanian Daily News
Published August 19, 2017
The Dutch police and prosecution draft a report requesting the return of the visa regime for Albanian citizens traveling to the Schengen area countries. Following the growing problematic of criminality by Albanian gangs in this country the Dutch police in cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office advised the Government to restore visas regime to all Albanian citizens moving in the Schengen area.

This request is confirmed by an internal memo describing the report in question, which has been extended to the government for review, requiring exactly the restoration of the visa regime.

Albanian criminals in the Netherlands have been overwhelmingly strengthened in recent years. They operate mainly in drug trafficking, money laundering, and human trafficking.

The Dutch Police and Prosecutor's Office seem to think that the best way to counter this phenomenon is to restore the obligation to obtain visas so that Albanian citizens cannot enter the Schengen area and the Netherlands freely.

It now remains to be seen if this request will be accepted by the Netherlands government.

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