Illicit Employments, Mandija Criminal Charges in Prosecution
Albanian Daily News
Published August 18, 2017
The resigned technical Deputy Prime Minister Ledina Mandija submitted on Friday to the prosecution a report on illicit employments during the electoral campaign. According to this report some 3600 people have been illicitly employed in the public administration during this period of time, in violation of the electoral code.

“During the electoral campaign according to official data by the tax authorities, about 3600 human resources movements in public administration were conducted in violation of Article 88 of the Electoral Code. In all cases verified by the Task Force it has resulted that self-declarations by monitored institutions have been false

This issue has been addressed to the Prosecution at the beginning of July by the Deputy Prime Minister, Mandija but it turned out that the Prime Minister's Office without the lawful cause did not send it to this body. After clarification the protocol office finally sent this report to the prosecution one day ago paving the way for further investigation,” declared Mandija.

She also said that the concerns over employments made by state institutions, ministries, 100% state-owned corporations that are subordinate to ministries and municipalities for the period 25 May to 22 June were raised since the fifth meeting of Task Force.

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