The 'Canon' Speaks Spanish
Albanian Daily News
Published August 13, 2017
What were the institutions that functioned during the Lekë Dukagjini canon period? What legal norms and doctrines did society function? What was folklore and ethnology? All these data are no longer available but bear the importance of the legacy of an important legislative document of that time.

Meantime a number of states have shown interest for Lekë Dukagjini's Canon and Spain is one of them. This important legislative document has been recently translated in Spanish.

"It's the first time that the Canon is translated into Spanish. Previously it has been translated into different languages. In German, English, French, Serbian and Russian, and this was the first time that a Spanish-speaking reader was able to consult the Canon," said Erisa Ajazi, the 'Canon' interpreter in Spanish.

According to her the canon still has a large influence on the Albanian population in Kosovo, or elsewhere where there is an Albanian community.

"When talking about the Canon, we are not talking simply about a text, but we're talking about a living reality that has been determinant in the lives of many generations. It contains a detailed structure of the organization and functioning of the society of that time," stated Ajazi.

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