Libohova, Traditional Products Part of a Stunning Fair
Albanian Daily News
Published July 17, 2017
Hundreds of Libohova citizens attended during the last weekend an event titled “Libohova’s Fair - Paths toward History” focused on the area’s traditional products. This fair was set-up in the form of small shops evidencing the traditional music and costumes, the artisan and local products along with the area’s medicinal herbs.

Mentor Kuka, a relicts’ collector, brought a series of objects belonging to the communist-era period that had been through away since many years.

“There’s a multitude of objects, but people still look for the older ones. This fact is based on the nostalgia,” said Muka.

The Minister of Culture, Mirela Kumbaro, present during this activity, evaluated the fair as a motivation for the inhabitants to join the tourist market.

‘The presence of a large number of tourists in this fair indicates the creation of new attractive poles for the tourism in Gjirokastra and its transformation into an active tourism,” said Kumbaro.

The fair will continue to welcome the visitors even on Monday before ‘lowering the curtains’ during evening hours.


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