Forest Fires, Kodheli Appeal to Kukesi Citizens
Albanian Daily News
Published July 17, 2017
The Minister of Defense, Mimi Kodheli, at the same the Socialist MP in Kukes district, continued on Monday the public hearings with the citizens’ tour. During a meeting with Shishtavec village inhabitants she appealed for awareness increase in relation to the risk of forest fires.

“The forest fires have become a major problem during this summer. In most cases the blazes are caused by people’s careless attitude and the cigarettes thrown among the woods. A higher level of awareness is needed by everyone in order to prevent the fires situation from getting worst,” said Kodheli.

Meantime the citizens introduced Kodheli with some of main issues like the roads condition, the drainage channels, the septic holes etc. In response to these concerns Kodheli suggested the presentation in an organized form of these problems in the next meeting of the Municipal Council.

“The local authorities should show a higher commitment toward your daily concerns,” said Kodheli, addressing to the citizens.
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