Lonely Planet Reveals Albanian Riviera Beauties
Albanian Daily News
Published July 15, 2017
The famous tourist guide Lonely Planet has dedicated special attention to the beaches of the Albanian Riviera, inviting tourists to visit what they call the hidden treasures of Albania. Through a video published on social networks, the Australian giant introduces the followers with the natural beauties of Albania, focusing mainly on beaches that are not very populated. The images start with Dhermi coastline, which is described as a rocky white strip that slopes into dark blue waters.

“This area is highly populated during summer season but the beach is so long that you may find a calm corner,” writes Lonely Planet, addressing to these vacationers in search of isolated beaches.
Meanwhile the Borsh coastline is considered as extraordinary with fantastic views and most untouched by a man’s hand, with just a few bars and restaurants near the beach.

Even Ksamil and three islands are mentioned by Lonely Planet. A visit to the ancient city of Butrint is also recommended to the tourists to combine the sea holidays with cultural tourism.

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