Around 50% of Tourism Businesses Work in Informality
Albanian Daily News
Published July 6, 2017
The tax authorities will launch a control campaign on tourism-related businesses. Deputy General Director of Taxation, Xhavit Curri said Wednesday that the decision comes after a detailed risk analysis on businesses in this sector.
“The conclusion is that the risk in the tourism sector is high. In percent, we say that 50 percent of taxpayers are at high risk. This shows that taxpayers operating in tourist areas in the tourist season have high informality,” Curri told local media. He noted that the focus of the inspections will be mainly hotels, restaurants, but also other tourism-related businesses.
“We have selected the category of taxpayers that will be checked in the country, in their premises. We have selected the category of taxpayers to whom a tax visit will be made. And on the other hand we have also selected the category of taxpayers who will be subject to documents control from the offices. In the end, there are also all businesses, which will be verified on the ground by the tax investigation structures in terms of issuing tax coupons, declaration of the number of employees,” further explained Curri.
For businesses to be checked by the office, in cases where it is found that they have hidden the taxes, Tax authorities will give them the opportunity to correct and increase their statements. “Taxpayers who accept this offer will certainly pay the obligation they agree to pay and will not be subject to punitive measures by the tax administration, and even the controls,” said Xhavit Curri. For other businesses that are caught in violation of the law, punitive measures, not just administrative, but also a tax evasion charge will apply.


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