'KESH Wasn't Allowed to Import Energy'
Albanian Daily News
Published July 4, 2017
The Ministry of Energy says that the difficult energy situation was caused not only by the recent drought, but also due to the lack of imports for June, when the Ministry was led by the technical administrator appointed after the SP-DP agreement.
Former Administrator Haki Mustafa has not allowed energy imports during June, except for the last days of the month. This transitory situation with technical Ministers has not allowed the Albanian Energy Corporation (KESH) to use a World Bank fund of 22.4 million Euros, planned specifically for importing energy.
According to the Minister of Energy, this fund would have made an easier burden for the Energy Distribution Operator (OSHEE). Sources explain that the technical ministers of the Democratic Party have not signed any government decision. This has suspended a government order to authorize KESH use the money for import.
This decision could have avoided unpredicted drought situations during summer. Until the decision is approved, OSHEE will be forced to use its own funds and guarantee energy purchase for supplying consumers.
The current Fierza level has gone down to 272 meters, while water flow is still low. KESH now produces energy for the OSHEE by only making use of natural water flows, with the purpose to not let the water level get any lower. OSHEE has secured imports for July at 17 million EUR without VAT and has created new procedures for importing.
Following such statements made by the Energy Ministry regarding the current energy situation, the deputy Prime Minister Ledina Mandija reacted by saying that the technical ministers didn't prevent the energy imports as it is claimed.
According to her, only four of seven 'technical' ministers didn't approve the council of ministers decision while she added that those who refused to approve it made such decision on the basis of their individual assessment and not because of any 'deal' between them.
"There has been no joint decision-making among the technical ministers," Mandija said.

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