Xhafaj Defends Cako, Points Finger on Prosecution
Albanian Daily News
Published June 19, 2017
The former-Minister of Internal Affairs, Fatmir Xhafaj defended on Monday the State Police Director, Haki Çako from the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) accusations. He pointed the finger toward Prosecution office as the institution that should unveil the truth on the episodes of violence against SMI exponents.

“From my point of view the State Police does not make you country’s main political force and has no power to prevent such thing from happening. The citizens’ vote is only instrument to achieve this objective. The police play a role in the prevention of incidents but the most important role should be played by the prosecutors. Thus, I appeal to the prosecution to act quickly shedding light on these episodes that infringe the positive clime created in this electoral process,” declared Xhafaj.

He emphasized that prosecutors should not lock themselves up in their offices closing down the last files ahead of the entrance in force of the new Penal Code. According to him they should turn these penal deeds in priorities of their work bringing their perpetrators to the justice.

“This way of doing by the prosecutors would help to restore tranquility during the ongoing electoral process,” stated the former-Minister of Internal Affairs.

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