New York, Albanian Show in National Parade
Albanian Daily News
Published June 19, 2017
Thousands of Albanians gathered last weekend in Manhattan, New York in the framework of the traditional national parade that takes place here each year.
Designed as an illustration of the Albanian roots and values this year’s parade had the Arberesh and their culture as main topic. The parade was attended by a delegation from the Grec commune, also known as “The Village’ in Arberesh language, arriving from the Italian province of Avellino.

The celebrations reached the apex with the performance of traditional songs and dances while a series of traditional Albanian costumes were exposed in front of the participants. The former-US congressman, Joe Dioguardi was also present in this parade riding a classic Cadillac with Mother Teresa’s portrait on the back seats.

The numerous tourists visiting New York everyday and the citizens welcomed the Albanian’s traditional parade and even took pictures from time to time. The parade was organized under the auspice of Albanian Roots organization, headed by Marko Kepi and was financially endorsed by a number of associations and organizations, part of the Albanian community in USA.

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