Crawford: Parties Lack Platforms
Albanian Daily News
Published June 19, 2017
The President of the American Chamber of Commerce, Mark Crawford expressed concern about the lack of clarity of programs and regarding what investors should expect from parties that will come to power. In an interview for Ora News, Crawford declared that he checked the websites of all parties and he hasn’t seen details.
“Except the Socialist Movement for Integration that has published its program and has some details, e.g. the reduction of taxes from 15 to 10 and some other general and specific points. I saw the Challenge had something simple, but it had a program. As far as other parties are concerned, I have heard news on the establishment of flat tax and the other will continue with the progressive tax, but I am not very clear,” said Crawford.
According to him, if in the US platforms are given even by individuals, which may be divided from that platform of the party, in Albania there is a popular campaign, where the candidates do not know what they will do if they win. “Here in Albania, if all the candidates are dependent on the party, cannot come out of the platform but if the platform is not published, we do not know what they will do. It is mostly a popular campaign,” declared the President of AmCham.
Crawford stated that investment funds cannot be developed unless you have personal acquaintances in Albania, adding that, based on his experience as investor, it is necessary to develop financial means. “Firstly, we need to understand where we will invest immovable assets and, secondly, we need to develop investment funds, capital market because it has been four years since I discussed this specifically with the government and nothing has happened. To be honest, we have had many consultations from foreigners but there has been no step forward,” he underlined.

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