Mortgages, SMI Challenges PM Rama
Albanian Daily News
Published June 18, 2017
The Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) General Secretary, Luan Rama launched a challenge to Premier Edi Rama following his accusations over the mortgage offices. During a press conference on Sunday he made an open promise to the citizens as response to PM Rama declaration that mortgages are kept in hostage by SMI.

“The mortgage offices are headed by individuals appointed by the Renaissance. On view of this fact I invite the 3.000 families of Vlora to show up on Monday morning in Tirana’s Mortgage Office and obtain the ownership certificates. Let the registrant prepare 3000 ownership certificates telling the truth about the mortgages hostage-taking,” said Luan Rama.

He also disproved PM Rama’s earlier declaration that SMI had played only a supportive role during the reforms process.

“Let me remind to you the justice reform adoption. SMI made every possible effort to avoid this reform transformation into a Renaissance’s annex. This reform consensual adoption was the direct result of SMI and than party’s chair, Ilir Meta. This fact is widely known by the public opinion,” stated Luan Rama.

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