'Albanians Rescue Hebrews' Documentary Screened in Prague
Albanian Daily News
Published June 16, 2017
The great contribution given by the Albanians in defense of the Hebrew community during the World War 2 (WW2) has been commemorated through a special event in the Albanian Embassy in Prague. The documentary movie “Albanians rescue Hebrews during the Holocaust’ was screened for the first time in this event.

This movie was followed with great interest by the diplomatic corps representatives while the US Ambassador, Andrew Schapiro, whose origin is Jewish, was invited as the guest of honor.

The documentary evidenced, through the narrations of the people that lived in Albania during the difficult years of the WW2, the fact that no Hebrew was killed or handed over to the Nazi. The fact that Albania was the only European country where the number of Hebrews went from 200 to 2000 by the end of the war is also underlined in this documentary.

The participants in this event shared the opinion that similar documentaries are more than actual and should be largely promoted in Europe and USA because a large number of people know nothing about the Albanian miracle of defending and protecting the Hebrews during the WW2 while millions were exterminated by the Holocaust.

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