Bread Production Industry a List with Requests to the Politics
Albanian Daily News
Published June 16, 2017
The Bread Production Industry representatives presented on Friday a series of request, mainly focused on the decrease of the repressive measures and a major fiscal support.
Based on the difficult situation currently experienced by this sector and low margin of profits in this business of vital importance for the citizens the expert Hysen Caka suggests a series of mitigating measures aimed to preserve the bread price and quality.
“Bread’s quality is directly related to the abrogation of restrictive measures. The Value Added Tax (VAT) decrease below a 10% level would be of great help to this sector. Furthermore, on view of the risks experienced by this sector, we think that no daily turnover limit should exist for the bread. A value of 5% for the tax of profit should be defined in accordance to the daily turnover,” declared Caka.
According to the expert the fiscal mitigation for this sector would help preserving the price ‘status-quo’ while guaranteeing bread’s maximal quality. The support to this sector is deemed of crucial importance due to the fact that the majority of these businesses start the day with a ALL 300.000 deficit, including the raw material, salaries and the rent.

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