Global Innovation Index: Albania in the Worst Position
Albanian Daily News
Published June 16, 2017
A report recently published by the Global Innovation Index for 2017 shows that Albania has the worst indicator in Europe in this aspect. Currently Albania ranks at 93 place among 127 states, going down by one place compared to one year ago.
In this position Albania is in the last place among European countries, indicating an low level of innovation development in the production sector and information technology, that remains mostly in the start level promotion, while many countries have turned into important providers of information technology services (IT) for third parties, and are making progresses in automotive industry.
Only some countries of the so-called third world like Tajikistan, Kirgistan, Namibia, Ruanda, Guatemala and Senegal are left behind by Albania in this ranking.
Balkans region countries ranks in a much better positions compared to Albania, starting with Montenegro that ranks at 48th place, Macedonia in 61th place, despite a slight deterioration, Serbia in 62 place and Bosnia-Herzegovina at 86th place.

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