Director General for Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations, Danielsson Visited Tirana
Albanian Daily News
Published May 19, 2017

Director General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations Christian Danielsson visited Tirana on Friday. 

He met with Prime Minister Rama, Minister of Foreign Affairs Bushati, Minister for Economy Ekonomi, Minister for European Integration Gjosha, Speaker Meta and Chair of the Democratic Party Basha.

He congratulated the political leaders for the show of democratic maturity in reaching an agreement to solve the political impasse. He emphasised the importance of implementing smoothly the agreement.

Mr Danielsson reiterated that proceeding swiftly now with the start of the vetting process is key for the European integration path of Albania. He also exchanged views with the Albanian authorities on the preparations for the Trieste summit and in particular the further strengthening of economic integration in the region. How to further boost the implementation of the connectivity agenda was also discussed.

During his visit, he also expressed the readiness of the Commission to support the implementation of the governments' action plan on the fight against drugs cultivation and trafficking.

Mr Danielsson congratulated Speaker Meta for his election as President of the Republic.

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