Rama -Basha Agreement, Meta Warns of Surprises
Albanian Daily News
Published May 19, 2017

The President-Elect, Ilir Meta declared that June 25 has been already defined as the new date of the parliamentary elections while warning that the process would be characterized by surprises.

"There will be an electoral race and of course there will also be some surprises. The agreement reached one day ago by the Prime Minister, Edi Rama and the opposition's leader, Lulzim Basha is of great importance for the citizens and the safety that they deserve. Two days ago the elections and the democracy were at the brink of abyss. I am more than pleased that today we are all more relaxed due to the fact that the crisis ended," declared Meta .

He gave a diplomatic answer to the journalists' questions if he regretted the fact that accepted to become the next President of the Republic.

"Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) has no reason to be worried because the crisis was solved by the domestic and international actors avoiding democracy's fall into an abyss. Now we should all working for transparent elections. Albania 's democratic credentials are of vital importance," said the President-Elect.

He also eluded a direct answer in relation to the future of SMI coalition with Socialist Party (SP), by saying only that this question should be addressed to the new chairman, Petrit Vasili.

"I am just a SMI member until July 23. Thus, I will support every decision taken by this political force until that date," said Meta.

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