France, Albanian Art Represented through Legends
Albanian Daily News
Published May 19, 2017

The Albanian art touched the French capital, Paris through an exhibition titled “The Legend of a castle”, a special selection of the works realized by 16 artists inspired by the legends of the Northern city of Shkodra.

The exhibition includes works realized by known artists and young names originating from Shkodra like Kol Idromeno, Danish Jukniu, Sytki Brahimaj, Edi Hila, Artan Draçini, Merita Selimi, Gjon Jon Kraja, Sidi Kanani, Eros Dibra and Pjerin Kolnikaj. Its opening was enabled thanks to the support given by the Albanian Embassy in Paris in collaboration with ‘Mairie1er Paris’ and Khalo Foundation.

The unique choice of works of art under the title “The Legend of a castle” derives from the idea that the artists whose origin is related to cities situated near castles encircled by mystery and legends reflect this spirit in their creations.

The visitors will be given a chance to see the artists’works until May 27 at Beffroi, Mairie, 1-4 place du Louvre, Paris. 


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