SMI Regrets that the Coalition Right Was Denied
Albanian Daily News
Published May 19, 2017

The Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) regrets the fact that the coalition right was denied after the agreement reached between Prime Minister Edi Rama and the opposition leader, Lulzim Basha. 

Despite that, SMI leader Petrit Vasili considered the agreement a pact that avoided the catastrophe, but he cannot hide the other fact that with this agreement was denied the coalition right to political parties. A right defined clearly in the Electoral Code.

From the other side, Vasili expressed his confidence that the elections' output will confirm this party as country's main political force.

"SMI represents a constructive political force, with integrity and transparency. These qualities are more than necessary for country's development. The fact that SMI did everything within its power to contribute in this absurd crisis solution is widely known. We were totally committed toward the avoidance of a catastrophe and country's entrance into a blind alley if the opposition would not participate in the upcoming elections. Despite the solution of this totally artificial crisis the most important element is the fact that the electoral process will be comprehensive," said the SMI chair.

Speaking about the fact that June 25 has been confirmed as the new date of the parliamentary elections and the Democratic Party (DP) participation in this process Vasili said that this positive change complies with the efforts previously done by the SMI to guarantee a comprehensive race in the interest of democracy and institutions legitimacy. 

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