State Department Declaration, Shehu: Rama's Comments, Speculative
Albanian Daily News
Published April 21, 2017

Democrat MP, Tritan Shehu labeled the Prime Minister Edi Rama comments on the US State Department declaration as tendentious and speculative through a declaration released on Friday in his page on the social networks.

"PM Rama's comments over the US State Department declaration are clearly speculative and tendentious, totally avoiding the issues solution. This declaration clearly expresses the support to Albania and the justice reform, not the support to the government, the majority or someone else, even in relation to the judicial system amendments.

Albania is not just PM Rama or the Socialist Party. Democratic Party as part of the country is seriously engaged for the justice reform implemention and an independent judicial system, thus welcomes the US support.

The State Department declaration addresses an appeal to all political parties to run in the electoral process, without mentioning the June 18, while this date was added by PM Rama in his comments.

DP has never declared that the electoral process will be boycotted. We demand only the fulfillment of the conditions that would ensure free and fair elections, despite the specific date, which is not mentioned even in the State Department declaration.

PM Rama intentional speculations are neither serious nor productive.

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