Basha: Vetting, Blackmail Instrument in Rama’s Hands
Albanian Daily News
Published April 21, 2017

The leader of opposition, Lulzim Basha rejected on Thursday evening the Prime Minister Edi Rama invitation for a compromise on the vetting law. Earlier the Premier suggested the possibility of vetting law implementation postponement.

“The Sitting-Prime Minister suggested a compromise through vetting law implementation postponement. This is another indicator that justice system and the judicial reform have always been and still remain blackmail instruments, while for us the judicial system is the foundation that guarantees freedom and democracy and the basis for the new democratic state,” said Basha.

He stressed the opposition’s determination to vote in favor of vetting law implementation immediately after the fulfillment of opposition’s main condition, the establishment of a caretaker government.

“We have rejected PM Rama’s vetting because we aim to have a real vetting, not captured by the politics and totally impartial. We are more than ready to vote this law implementation in accordance to the Constitutional amendments of July 22, after the establishment of a caretaker government,” said the opposition’s leader.

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