Rama: Vetting to Be Voted by the New Parliament
Albanian Daily News
Published April 21, 2017

‘Vetting is an unalienable condition in every possible compromise that would enable Democratic Party (DP) participation in the upcoming elections’. 

This clear message was given on Thursday evening by Prime Minister, Edi Rama to the opposition’s leader, Lulzim Basha as response to a presumed suggestion by the Premier to postpone vetting law implementation.

“It seems that Basha heard me making a suggestion for the vetting law implementation deadline during a speech in Parliament. Indeed I said totally the opposite. I said that vetting remains an unalienable condition, and only if our international friends and partners that consider this law a condition for country’s integration, would ask for flexibility in the name of DP participation in the electoral process than the only chance would be if DP would agree to vote this law in the first session of the new parliament,” said PM Rama.

He declared that Basha and the ‘Tent of Fear from Justice’ may delay the vetting bodies’ constitution by failing to show up until the last day of this Parliament but the first day of work of the new Parliament will mark the end of this shameful hostage-keeping of the judicial system.

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