Parties Enter Elections Alone, No Coalition Registered
Albanian Daily News
Published April 21, 2017

Central Election Commission (CEC) on Thursday came
short of making a decision on a ruling coalition's request to postpone an
electoral registration deadline for the registration of pre-electoral
coalitions for the upcoming June 18 parliamentary elections.

The request to delay the registration deadline was submitted
to the central election body by the governing coalition partners, Socialist
Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration, to allow for more time to
negotiate with the opposition parties that have refused to register for the
next parliamentary polls.

Concluding a two-hour debate, CEC chairman Denar Biba said:
"We do not have to make a decision since the request is not based on law. I
appreciate the request made by the political group, but CEC will not make a
decision on this request."

Head of CEC said opposition should participate in the
elections. "We ask for time to implement the process. There is no room for
political maneuvers after April 29. CEC should not make unilateral decisions
under any circumstances that would reflect narrow interests of a certain
political formation. CEC should take an all inclusive and unanimous decision,"
Biba said. Opposition representatives at CEC rejected the ruling coalition's request,
saying it violates law and constitution.

CEC approved on Thursday the ballot paper for
the local elections of May 7 in Kavaja. The first name in the voting ballot is
that Astrit Haka who will run as independent candidate. Meantime the second
name is that of Klodian Shehi, who will represent Socialist Party in this
electoral race for the post of Kavaja mayor. Democratic Party will not run in
the local elections of Kavaja due to a firm refusal to register in CEC as
electoral subject, thus no candidate's name is included in the voting ballot.
On the other side DP has forewarned a massive protest in Kavaja on the local
elections day

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