Boycott Is Absurd in Germany. What About Corruption?
By Nikollaq Neranxi
Albanian Daily News
Published April 19, 2017

you remember the slogan "This is the police we want"? Each time I listened to
it, I kept thinking how much officials, criminals, and police love each-other
because they are doing great things together in the production and trade of
illicit drugs. Their only problem has been the pressure of the internationals
and the lambasting reports in the most prestigious media in the world. As you
may know, some actions against drug dealers in recent days have led to the
dissolution of entire commissariats, worthy to be enlisted in the Guinness
Records. Clearly, these police officers are simply following the orders of their
cupola and the latter has been guaranteeing that they will be untouchable. I
was reminded of this slogan while listening to German Foreign Minister Sigmar
Gabriel, hoping that he is the international we want at this time. But he just
kept using clichés of institutional rhetoric. He said that reforms must go
forward, that the way for a dialogue must be found, that the legal state must
be respected as a condition for Albania to join the EU. Mr. Gabriel used harsh
tones against the opposition saying this: "How can elected lawmakers boycott
the Parliament? In my country and in Europe this is absurd!"

I was listening to the Foreign Minister, I was thinking about what Germans
think about corrupt officials and politicians, since he said nothing about this
phenomenon, but he attacked the opposition as the only evil in this country. I
was reminded of some cases of corruption in Germany: one was when a former
Defense Minister was found to have copied the thesis of his PHD and he was
immediately removed from his post; another one was that of President Federal
Christian Wulff, who received a loan with a lower interest than the average and
this became a big scandal. Certainly, the above cases are punishable, but to us
Albanians, they seem ridiculous. Things have gotten out of hand here. There are
several lawmakers, mayors, or high officials who have only criminal records in
their CVs. The PM defends them and says that he thought they had a clean record
and all this was an accident. He forgets that only the level of poverty has
increased in the country, not the level of foolishness. In order to get in
power and become PM, Rama gathered all these individuals in Albania and the
world, knowing full well who they were and what they represented.

the Minister cannot Albania and Germany in any regards. Every Albanian wants
justice as soon as possible because the courts are a real gangrene for them,
but this process cannot be led and certified by criminals in power. Every
Albanian wants to go to the voting booths and express themselves through their
votes, but this process cannot be guaranteed by a corrupt government and be
defended by drugged police. Principles are one thing and reality something

an entrepreneur, I have business relations with German, even with some
important companies there. When I explain to German businessmen what goes on in
Albania, they remain speechless. They cannot how a caste of politicians who got
our votes promising a better life are now serving a handful of oligarchs with whom
they make money from crime and from captures businesses and sectors of the
economy, bankrupting honest businesses and sending the country towards the

the internationals come here to talk like Albania's friends and they don't see
the big picture, they will not be able to help us reach good standards and they
will only provide more oxygen for this corrupt government. There are criminals
in the parliament and in local government and the country is full with illicit
drugs and there is no need to wait for the judiciary to confirm this, because
the facts are in the open. Even if half of Germany would get here as observers,
they cannot guarantee free and fair elections. If these facts which I am
mentioning are less serious than plagiarism or a lower interest loan, then I
don't know the hierarchy of values in democracy.

this article, I described two realities and two different worlds because I want
to know if these internationals who come and tell us to meet the conditions to
be part of the EU have also a condition that there should be transparency for
millions of dollars made through crime and drugs, or this is not a problem for
them? Our Western friends must help our political sides to find a solution
together. Only in this way we would say that these are the internationals we
want and the ones who love us.

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