Fuel Price in Albania amid the Highest in Europe
Albanian Daily News
Published April 12, 2017

Albania remains one of the countries with the highest fuel price in Europe. An Albanian citizen pays approximately ALL 8500 for 50 liters of fuel, a sum equivalent to EUR 62, competing with the Western Europe developed countries. 

In Germany, Europe’s most developed economy, the same quantity of fuel costs EUR 68, only EUR 5 more compared to Albania. In comparison to the US citizens that pay only ALL 3890 for 50 liters of fuel the Albanian citizens are forced to pay a nearly 2.2 times higher sum of money. 

The fee for 1 liter of fuel in Albania is ALL 100. The fixed fee is ALL 68 ad included an excise of ALL 37, the circulation fee is ALL 27, the carbon fee is ALL 3, fuel marking fee ALL 1. Meanwhile the Value Added Tax (VAT) on the purchase price is calculated around ALL 25. If the fuel price would be stripped of these fees 50 liters of fuel would cost approximately ALL 3500, a sum equivalent to EUR 25.5, still higher than in Germany, Netherlands of US. 

Meantime the Italians rank on top of the list for the highest fuel price on view of the fact that they pay approximately EUR 76.6 for 50 liters of fuel. 

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