Meta: Conflicting Policy Leads to Social Traumas
Albanian Daily News
Published March 20, 2017

The leader of Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI), Ilir Meta attended on Monday a meeting with this political force Woman’s Movement for Integration (WMI) structure in Lushnja. In his greeting speech he underlined that woman’s strengthening means family’s strengthening.  

“Your strengthening means family’s strengthening, thus must be seen as direct investment. Woman’s and mother’s strengthening means family’s strengthening, a very important element for a society that has experienced numerous social traumas during last 26 years. Conflicting policy that fails to deal with these social issues resolution should be blamed for a large part of these traumas. Politics has the responsibility to resolve the problems, to diminish them not increase these to a higher level,” said Meta addressing to the participants. 

Meantime the SMI Secretary for Public Relations, Erisa Xhixho, said that this is the only party that gives a chance to every young boy or girl to contribute within his or her capacities for a better city, a better country.

“Woman’s economical empowerment is very important for her political and social empowerment. Thus, becoming a SMI member means giving a chance to every woman to be involved in politics and decision-making process,” said Xhixho. 


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