Elections, OSCE Ambassador Confident on State Police Role
Albanian Daily News
Published March 20, 2017

OSCE ambassador, Bernd Borchardt expressed his confidence on the State Police impartial position in June 18 elections. 

During a conference organized on Monday in Tirana, focused on police training for the electoral process management he asked for a major commitment of the police in this process progress and the fight against organized crime and the cannabis cultivation. 

“You will soon be introduced with your specific tasks related to the preservation of the high standards during the electoral process. I am confident that State Police will hold an impartial position and will act with professionalism during this process. OSCE will continue to be present in every aspect of the electoral process,” said Borchardt.

Meantime the State Police General Director, Haki Çako ensured that the institution under his direction will act as Constitution’s guarantor, without any kind of politicization.

“State Police has neither been nor will ever be politicized, but an indisputable guarantor of the Constitution. Every police officer will fulfill its duty in the best of his possibilities,” said Çako.

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