Bridges’ Construction, Kodheli: AAF, Best Part of the Society
Albanian Daily News
Published March 19, 2017

The Albanian Armed Forces (AAF) troops currently at work for the construction of a ‘Bailey’ bridge in Orman village, of Maliq municipality were inspected on Sunday by the Deputy Prime Minister, Niko Peleshi and Minister of Defense, Mimi Kodheli. In a brief greeting speech Peleshi underlined the difficulties experienced so far by this area inhabitants forced to cross over an obsolete irrigation channel in absence of a proper bridge. He thanked the AAF for the valuable contribution given in the improvement of the area’s infrastructure through this bridge construction.

Meantime Kodheli defined this bridge as one of the links of the chain of bridges constructed by the AAF from Tropoja to Konispol, while mentioning its positive impact on this area’s inhabitants.

“This 30-meters long bridge connects 6 villages, thus around 11.000 inhabitants. Its construction is part of a long-line of investments deriving from the state’s budget. This ‘Bailey’ bridge is another link of the pearls realized by the AAF through the territory” said Kodheli, adding that AAF would continue this process acting as the best part of the society.

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