Meta: Tourism, Key Element in Citizen Well-Being Increase
Albanian Daily News
Published March 19, 2017

The Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) chair, Ilir Meta attended a meeting on Sunday focused on tourism organized in the Archaeological Park of Apollonian. This political force platform for tourism development was the main topic of discussion during this meeting. In his speech Meta defined tourism as one of the main elements that will assist country's economic development.

"Tourism is one of the most important pillars and still in its infancy exploitation as a sustainable potential for the development of our country. Indeed, not only is in its infancy exploitation but is also mostly misused. A quick view on the country's districts shows that Fieri district has not done everything within its power to promote its extraordinary tourism potentials," said Meta, adding that cultural tourism should be promoted, along with coastal and mountaineer tourism.

Referring to the Archaeological Park of Apollonian, the Theological Park of Butrint and other sites part of country's cultural heritage Meta stressed the importance of their preservation as part of our cultural identity.

"After all the cultural identity is an important part of our national identity. If these structures are preserved in the right way, restored and supported by a proper structure this leads without any shadow of doubts to benefits for the community and the entire country," said the SMI chair.

Meta concluded his speech by saying that equal chances should be given to everyone to promote tourism in the interest of citizens' well-being.

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