Kodheli: Naval Force Mission in Aegean, Indicator of Success
Albanian Daily News
Published March 17, 2017

Minister of Defense, Mimi Kodheli attended on Friday the departure from the naval base of Pashaliman of the 3rd Contingent of Naval Force to the Aegean Sea. She recalled in her greeting speech the first steps of these missions that kicked off 10 months ago.

“10 months ago, we began the discussion for the participation of our Naval Force in this first experience abroad. I also remember with pleasure the enthusiasm and desire to realize this noble idea for Albania to join NATO's mission in the Aegean Sea, in a joint effort to prevent illegal trafficking towards the European continent. We did it. The ship sailed, despite all the obstacles, the difficulties deriving by the unknown, even the skepticism that often characterizes us. Sending a contingent of sailors with the mission in the Aegean Sea is becoming a habitual process,” said Kodheli.

The Minister underlined the numerous difficulties experienced by the Armed Forces while achieving this day and its transformation into a worthy NATO member. She also expressed the determination of the government to make Albania a dignified member of the Euro-Atlantic community. 

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