ECS Issues Reasoned Opinions against Albania for Non-Compliance with Rules on Energy Efficiency
Albanian Daily News
Published March 16, 2017

The Energy Community Secretariat (ECS) sent Reasoned Opinions to Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as the next step in dispute settlement cases launched for non-compliance with rules related to energy efficiency.

In the Reasoned Opinion, the Secretariat maintains the view that Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina continue to breach Energy Community law by not adopting all legal provisions necessary for reaching a sufficient level of transposition and implementation of the provisions of Directive 2006/32/EC, the objective of which is to promote and monitor energy services and other energy efficiency improvement measures. 

Furthermore, the Secretariat maintains that by not adopting Energy Efficiency Action Plans as required by the Directive, these Contracting Parties are still in breach of their obligations stemming from the Energy Community Treaty. 

According to the Rules of Procedure for Dispute Settlement, parties with a legitimate interest in the case are granted access to the case file. 

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